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  • Holographic White Glitters

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    Mix or add glitter to nail polish, gel polish, acrylic or gel for the ultimate artisic expression.

  • All of my glitters are made from high quality materials giving you results of maximum color and sparkle.
  • ThESE glitters  come in various sizes (.040" / 1MM) and (.008" /0.02MM and 0.1mm) it is solvent resistant and can be placed directly into nail lacquer, gel and acrylic without the glitter particles bleeding color or melting.

    Is an iridescent, icy, rainbow glitter full of shimmering opalescent colors. Each prismatic speck will shift to give you a light show of colors across the spectrum: pinks, blues, greens, purples, oranges, and yellows. Looks amazing over and nail colour, or all on it’s own to give clear nails a polychromatic boost.

    Diamond Shimmer

    Is a white glitter with hints of silver with gives each speck a very distinguished silvery sparkle. (shown here) it looks amazing over a white background

    Blue Shimmer

    Is an iridescent, icy, rainbow glitter full of  blues and  purples .This will look  amazing over any nail colour.
    Pink Shimmer. 
    White with a pinkish shimmer to it.