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  • Dragon Chinese new year stickers

    £2.99 £1.49
    Shiny Luxury Nail Art Stickers
    Peel & Stick
    • Lots of Designs with a luxurious metallic and holographic finish .
    • Get Bougie with your manicure with these great nail art stickers. 
    • Just peel and place on top of either Gel Polish or normal Varnish, seal with a clear topcoat and Bam! Instant Chic!
    • Or you can stick 'em on your phone or earrings or anywhere you like really?
    • Each set has enough stickers for up to 30 nails.
    Limited quantity of each available so order now to avoid disappointment.

    Very simple  to use:

    * Paint nails desired colour

    * Peel off sticker and put in desired position on nail

    * Apply clear top coat for protection