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  • Angel Cameleon Paper for broken glass nail art

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    The hottest, latest trend in nail art, broken-glass nails, are so beautifully ornate that they are just perfect to help jazz up any nail designs 

    Package : 1x piece of angel paper size 4cm x 20cm


    1. 1.Start by painting a base coat on your nails. It can be any color you’d like! Darker colors like black will bring out the different iridescent cameleon shades more.
    2. 2.Snip small pieces of the angel paper in angular pieces. It’s important to get as sharp and straight lines as possible to really create that shattered effect. Make some pieces bigger and some smaller, planning for how they will lay out on your nails.
    3. 3.After your base coat is dry, paint a layer of top coat to create the sticky surface you will put your cellophane pieces on. Dab the tip of the orange stick into some top coat to get it just a little bit sticky to help pick up cellophane shards.
    4. 4.Using the orange stick, one by one place the pieces onto your nail, making sure to press down lightly and rub gently to remove any air bubbles using the pads of your fingertips.
    5. 4.Piece them together in a mosaic pattern, seal with another layer of top coat or two (a gel finish is recommended for longevity)